How to Make Posting on Instagram Easier


How can you plan, create, and post content WITHOUT overwhelming yourself AND your followers? How important is it to have a STRATEGY behind what you post?

Today, we're going to talk about creating content and posting on Instagram.

The reason why is because I hear from so many people that they’re feeling stuck when it comes to creating content or they’re feeling overwhelmed with all of the content they have to create or the content they’re creating isn’t working for them.

Now, I’m not here today to tell you about some list of posts you need on Instagram or teach you how to take the perfect flat lay photo. If you know anything about me, you know that’s not what I’m about. Because any strategy or tip or trick you’ve been taught that tells you to post 3 photos of yourself then 2 photos of your work then add this hashtag and you’ll get more customers or clients...isn’t true.

Instead, I teach my students - and folks like you - how to use Instagram with intention and how to create a marketing strategy - that uses Instagram - that is right for YOU.

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The dangerous habit of “oh shoot!” posting that many entrepreneurs get trapped in.

You see, “oh shoot!” posting is so dangerous because it is a huge waste of time. It's a waste of time for you because you're creating this content on the fly that actually isn't doing a dang thing for you and your business. But more importantly, it's a waste of time for your followers and your followers are people. And this is what I want you to always remember, people who are following you most of the time. There's a real person behind that account. Sure, there's robots out there and there's spam bots. Most of the time, there's a real person behind that account following you on Instagram. So that means you have an obligation to those people. And when you get in the habit of, “oh shoot” posting, when you're posting without purpose, without a mission or without a strategy, it's a waste of time to them because there's really nothing that they can get out of your content.

Why your current posting strategy on Instagram is keeping you (and your followers) stuck.

One thing that could be keeping your followers and yourself stuck on Instagram is not planning ahead. Posting on the fly, or even having a schedule or strategy that's just a few days or a week at a time, may feel okay to some of you because you’re getting the likes and comments, and you may get conversations going from your content. However, in the long run, there's really not a strategy there and a lack of strategy will not move your business forward in the long run.

What I personally do, and what I talk to my students about in the Follower to Fan Society is that we need to approach Instagram two ways - with intention and authenticity.

We are, or should be, intentional about everything we create when it comes to Instagram, and that means that we have a strategy behind the content.

People tend to over-complicate strategy, but it doesn't have to be complicated! It simply means that we are strategic and intentional about what we say and how we share that message. Who are you speaking to - are we choosing to communicate our message to our followers? Are we doing it in our feed? Are we doing a video? Are we doing it on stories? Are we doing alive? Etc, etc. Think about the why behind each method you use.

You also need to be really intentional about when you’re going to put some time into Instagram. This is another mistake that people make - they are putting a ton of time into Instagram but it's into the wrong tasks or putting their time into tasks that aren’t moving the needle for them and their business.

This also means that we're intentional about when we're sharing it and why we’re sharing our content. We have a purpose, a mission, a goal, or some type of reason behind everything that we're doing.

Now, on to authenticity. We must be authentic and genuine so that we don't let our Instagram content get so contrived or curated that it becomes inauthentic, disinteresting or just disingenuous. We don't let it get to a place where it's so branded, perfect and curated that people can't connect with you, because people can't see themselves with you.

The thing you need to know, is that people on Instagram in 2019 are starting to be put off by the curation. People don't necessarily want to always see something that makes them feel guilty, or self conscious, or jealous of the life that you're living. So that's why it's really important to have content that is genuine and that it allows you to connect more directly with people.

The balance of your intention and your authenticity is what allows your Instagram account to work for you and your business. And -here's the really important thing- it's what allows your followers to connect direct directly with you.

How to think about your Instagram content that will make your life 1,000x easier.

So, how do we think about Instagram in a way that makes all of this a thousand times easier? Well, we need to blend intention with being genuine. I want you to get to a place where you are creating content from a place of strategy and planning for what you want the content to do for you, your business and your followers. And while you're also doing that, and while you're approaching it from a place of strategy, I also need you to show up. I need you to show up as your true selves as much as possible or as much as you feel comfortable. And I need you to talk about your story, your brand, and your why as a much as you possibly can so you can connect with your followers. We can blend that genuineness and then intentionality with what you're doing on Instagram.

That is the magic sauce. When strategy meets personality, that's what makes Instagram work so well.

The 2 questions to ask yourself before you post ANYTHING on Instagram (if you’re not asking yourself these 2 questions, Instagram won’t work for you).

Anytime you're creating content in your business, the first question you need to ask yourself is, what do I want my followers to get out of this post?

Will they learn your brand’s mission, or will they be empowered, or will you teach them something new? There’s so many directions you can take your content, just be cognizant of what that direction and message is.

The other question I need you to think about with every piece of content you create is, what do I want them to do with this post? So, I know what I want them to get out of it, now what do I want them to do?

You need to attach an action to everything that you're creating. Do you want them to like it, comment, send you a direct message? Those are all great engagements, but maybe you want them to start thinking about how they could invest in working with you? Maybe you want them to start imagining what it would be like to have your product as a part of their life. Maybe you want them to make space for what you sell and get to a place where they are envisioning what it would be like to work with you and your service or to buy your product that you're selling, whatever it may be. What do you want them to do?

So those are the two questions. Every time you create a post. Even if you leave this and you're still in a place of “oh shoot,” posting, or you're still in a position of over-analyzing and being overcritical of your feed, just go with those two questions. Always ask yourself, what do I want them to get out of this and what I want them to do with this?

Thanks for reading, y’all. If you learned from this post or enjoyed this content, please pin and save for later!

Tyler McCall