Why Your Instagram Posts Are Keeping You From Sales


If you’re not getting sales on Instagram, it’s probably not Instagram’s fault.

I know. I know. Bold statement, right? But, hear me out.

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Why posting on Instagram out of obligation is the worst thing you can do.

Okay, so the first thing I want to cover is why posting on Instagram out of obligation is the worst thing you can do. If you’re familiar with me at all, you've probably heard me talk about this before, but I think there is a very dangerous habit when it comes to Instagram marketing right now where people are posting out of obligation.

Do you find yourself posting on Instagram because it's a thing you think you should be doing? However, when we create content online out of a sense of obligation, it's typically not with a strategy, purpose, or intention behind it. All you end up creating is content that is not valuable.

I want to encourage you to think more strategically about what you're doing. I want you to create content and I want you to share on Instagram when you have something meaningful to say. Whenever you post without any purpose or intention, you typically create content that is just contributing to the noise.

I don't know about you, but the last thing I ever want to do is contribute to the noise online. There's a lot of online noise when it comes to marketing, when it comes to business, and pretty much every niche or industry that you and I are in.

So, when you say something, you want it to be valuable and meaningful. When you speak, you want people to listen and to contribute positively to the lives of your followers. Not just give them more noise to sift through and more noise to try and not pay attention to. Right?

Instead of thinking, “I’m sharing this because have to post something,” the intention should be, “I'm posting this because I have something to say.” The post can either be content about your service/product, yourself, your personality, or something that enables your followers to get closer to you and your business.

How using “easy” Instagram tools and resources - like stock photos and fill-in-the-blank captions -  could cause a lot of problems for your business.

Here's the thing, tools that are marketed to you to make Instagram easy, things like stock photos or fill in the blank caption templates, can be helpful. However, if you rely too heavily on these tools, what ends up happening is you outsource the important work of developing your own brand’s visual identity and voice identity.

I'm sure plenty of you reading this are using those tools, and I have plenty of friends in the industry who create this type of content, so hear me out. There is a place for stock photography IF it's in line with your brand identity. There's a place for some caption templates IF it is in your brand voice and true to your brand voice. BUT, when you're using stock photos that are not true to your brand identity and when you're just using fill in the blank captions that someone else wrote, that's not in line with your brand voice, you're actually not serving your followers in any way and it's actually pretty disingenuous because you are continuing to create content that isn't really true to you.

You're speaking in a voice on Instagram that's not your brand voice. You're using photos that don't really represent the quality of your product or the quality of your service or a true representation of your brand. And you're just doing it because it's easy and out of a sense of obligation and it's not going to get you anywhere.

The other danger that you face when you use things like that, is that a lot of times these things end up being very pervasive in an industry or a niche. So, you end up just saying the same thing as everyone else, which should be the last thing you want to do. This goes back to the whole “creating noise” concept we discussed earlier. Your followers don’t have time for that!

So, stop doing a disservice to your followers by relying on these resources and tools that make Instagram easy and more importantly, stop cheating yourself out of an opportunity to grow your business and grow your brand by using these things that you think are making it easier for you to create.

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The 1 thing you must have in place if you want to make sales using Instagram.

To make sales on Instagram, the one thing that you need to have in place is an Instagram funnel.

An Instagram funnel is simple. You need a phase of the funnel that is getting new people into it that is helping them understand you and your business. It’s letting them know, “Hey, I'm out here. I have a solution to a problem for you.” During this step, we are engaging on Instagram. This is when we're liking or commenting, and following or responding to people's stories - that's how we build our following and get on people’s radar.

Then, you need to add a layer of your funnel that is helping people build those three really important factors- know, like, and trust. You're getting them to start to like you and getting them to trust you. During this step it is crucial that you create content that's valuable. This is where you don't post out of obligation. Instead, create content that educates them or entertains them or inspires them so they get better connected to us. This step is also where you create content that really explains what you do and why you do it. Demystify the process of working with you and take all the guesswork out of it for your followers.

The next layer of the funnel is to create content that gets followers in the right mindset where they're ready to buy. Now you’re on their radar and they’ve gotten to know you, so now is the time to create content that gets rid of all of their objections so that the price of your product or service is no longer an issue. Then the act of actually selling to someone becomes unnecessary because they identify with what you’re selling and they know that they need it. So, however much it costs is not a problem anymore.

And the last part of an Instagram sales funnel is having a mechanism to actually sell to someone. It used to be that you had to get people off of Instagram to your sales page to do this, but now you can actually do a lot from within Instagram’s platform, so it just depends on your service or product as to how you actually create that transaction.

So there it is, the dangers of “easy tools” and the basics of an Instagram sales funnel! If you enjoyed this post or found it useful in any way, please pin and save for later!

Keagan Trahan