How to Balance Vulnerability and Privacy While Running an Online Business

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“I feel like I’ve had to strip myself of my humanity in order to sell things on the internet.” I felt an immense pressure lift off my shoulders as the words left my mouth.

It was an uncomfortable thing to share - even with a dear friend. And the more I thought about it, and how uncomfortable it made me, the only logical solution for the discomfort was to post about it on Instagram. Cause that’s what normal people do, right?

It’s uncomfortable being the “you should post more about yourself on Instagram” guy and navigating a serious vulnerability hangover. It’s frustrating having the entire idea of what you do for work and how you conduct yourself in the world challenged by your thoughts and feelings.

How do you live your life in the public eye on a social media platform while desperately craving privacy and space and freedom from feeling obligated to create and post and document every moment of your life?

I believe it’s only through hard conversations and deep inner exploration that we can find a solution that feels right and true.

Balancing the documentation of our lives on social media (okay...let’s be honest...we’re just monetizing our existence at this point — UGH that’s uncomfortable to type) with fully living and experiencing our lives is a constant dance.

It’s a dance between vulnerability and privacy. Between transparency and secrecy. Between raw honesty and branded truthfulness. Between “being yourself” and REALLY being yourself.

And y’all already know I love to dance.

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Tyler McCall