How One Of My Students Sold $2,343,995 In 1 Year Using Instagram


I recently chatted with one of my students - she and I go way back - about her success with Instagram and I was BLOWN AWAY by what I heard. Over the past year, using Instagram, she sold over $2.3 million in real estate. It’s also important to note that she’s not some seasoned real estate pro who’s been in the game for decades...this was her first year. Wait...there's more...keep reading.

Here’s the really cool thing - Instagram is the only way she markets herself. 😱 Crazy huh? She’s not sending out mailers or knocking doors or lurking in neighborhoods asking people if they want to sell their house. Instead, she’s being strategic about how she uses Instagram to build relationships and close the deal (using the system I taught her YEARS ago that is STILL working to this day).

Let me walk you through how she did it using the what I call The BFFL System.

Oh...and in case you’re wondering (I know you are)...those sales resulted in a nearly six-figure commission check at the end of the year for her. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

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In this video I cover:

  • What it takes to sell on Instagram - there are just two things you need to know and understand to make it work.

  • How she made sure Instagram worked for her business by setting herself apart and focusing on being herself (and not trying to be anyone else).

  • What The BFFL System is and how you can use it to sell more on Instagram...without being sales-y or slimy or sleezy.

  • Why "the algorithm" isn't the problem and it never will be.