How to Improve Your Mindset About Instagram


What if I told you that whether or not Instagram worked for your business had nothing to do with Instagram but instead, had EVERYTHING to do with you?

Hear me out...don’t go just yet.

Sure, there’s an algorithm to think about and content to create. You have photos to take and captions to write. And hashtags to figure out and Instagram Stories to post. But, at the end of the day, your success on Instagram depends on how you think about Instagram.

Now, I’m not gonna get all woo-woo on you about this (I could...but I won’t). Instead, I want to speak to you very practically - and frankly - about why Instagram may not be working for you and your business.

There’s a lot more to Instagram than photos and captions. And it all starts with your mindset about how Instagram fits into your business, how you market what you’re selling, and your own belief in the product or service you promote.

To begin, let me tell you why I want to discuss mindset. I see so many people blaming Instagram for things not working in their business, or being frustrated with Instagram and all the things that Instagram is doing to them, when in fact, Instagram is just an app, on a phone, in your pocket. A lot of folks are giving too much credit to an APP on their phone instead of recognizing that Instagram is really just a conduit. It's a platform. It's a mega phone that allows you to speak and communicate to the world, and how you think about Instagram and what you're selling is what makes it work, or not work, for you and your business.

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The mindset shifts I’ve gone through over the past year that have allowed me to use Instagram to grow my business in ways I never thought possible.

I've been in the online business space since 2015 and how I think about my business now is totally different from how I thought about it back then. I used to think that everything in my business was happening to me and I felt utterly powerless. I felt like I didn't have control over what was going on in my business. Then, there were three big shifts that made a huge difference for me and my business.

The first is believing in what I sell. It honestly wasn’t until I launched Follower to Fan Society that I was finally selling something that I truly believed in. Everything I had done before, whether it was marketing, consulting, coaching, content management, and content creation for other people, I was doing all those things because I felt like I had to or I should. Or I was doing them out of desperation because I needed to make money so I could support myself and my family. Which is a perfectly valid reason to work, but it just wasn’t enough for me at this point in my life.

But FTFS  was something I wanted to do, something that people truly needed, and it was in perfect alignment with what I believed in. So having all of that come together made a huge impact on my mindset.

The second is that I believe Instagram works really well for me. This is a core belief I have when I'm marketing my business. I believe that I can connect with my potential members on Instagram. I believe that I can have conversations with them. I believe that I can have a relationship with them. I believe that I can turn those followers into fans, and turn those fans into paying customers from my membership community. Now, I see everything I do on Instagram as an opportunity.

You see, Instagram WANTS you to spend time on their app. Instagram wants people to consume content - that is how they get paid. Instagram is not out to get you because they want you to stay an active and engaged member of their community. So, instead of clawing with desperation to get my followers attention, I believe that Instagram works really well for me and I’m grateful for every interaction I have with my followers.

The third thing, is that I finally understood that I needed to be proactive in marketing my business instead of reactive. At this point in my life and in my business, I have total ownership over how my business is promoted. What is said, how it's said, and how it gets in front of people.

I own that entire part of my business and you can do the same thing. A lot of people market their businesses from a place of hoping and wishing - they hope that people buy and they wish that more people would have bought. So instead of hoping and wishing that I have more eyes on what I'm doing, I actually get in front of more people so that they buy what I'm selling. I now know that I get to set the tone for how my business is marketed and how I connect with people.

Those are just three ways my mindset has changed over the past year. I've adjusted my mindset around my work ethic, my time, money, abundance, and achievement. All of these things are areas of my life where I've been doing the work to get a healthier mindset that is more fulfilling and it's more rewarding in the long run.

The two thoughts that are holding you back and keeping you from success on the ‘gram.

The first thought is “Instagram won't work for me.” Like I mentioned earlier, I hear this all the time. There’s a variation of “Instagram doesn’t work for me,” or “Instagram doesn't work in my industry/niche/product/service.” Or this could be something that happens subconsciously through the way that you think and act on Instagram and the things that you say about Instagram, even when you're saying them in jest or jokingly.

When you're operating from the belief that it won't work from you, that influences every single action you take on Instagram. That means that every single thing you do, even if you're trying to do it to the best of your ability, your actions will be influenced by that belief that Instagram won't work for you.

And if you think Instagram won't work for you, it won't. If you think it's too hard to use Instagram to market your business, it's going to be too hard to use Instagram to market your business. If you think your ideal customers or clients aren't on Instagram, then they're not going to be on Instagram. It's that simple.

The second thought is “I don't believe in what I’m selling.” Okay. So let's talk about this. There are times that your marketing will not work for you because deep down you do not believe in your offer. Deep down it's not aligned with who you are, what you want to do, how you want to communicate, or how you want to serve.

When you don't believe in what you sell, then you really will never want Instagram to work for you because you will not want to sell that to other people. And you say you want it to work and you say you believe in this thing, but your actions do not reflect that. Are you with me? I see this all the time when people say they believe in what they sell, but they procrastinate when it comes time to promoting what they need to sell or sabotage themselves in some way.

You have to believe in your offer. You have to believe that you solve a problem for someone,  and if that belief is not there, you will never be able to market it in an honest, genuine, and intentional way. It just won't work.

How your thoughts become the actions you take on Instagram and why you have to work on your thoughts before you work on anything else.

Here’s the thing, your thoughts have so much power. Thinking “Instagram doesn’t work,” will influence everything that you do on Instagram. It influences the content you create and the time you put into it, or lack thereof.  Because you are going at it from this direction where you are believing it's not going to work for you. So that's the first thought that people have that is really, really negative. It's so negative and it's holding you back.

Our thoughts about marketing are what lead us to create circumstances and take actions for marketing our business. So what do we do to make this easier? What do we do to make it more productive? What do we do to make Instagram work for us? It's simple. We just change our thoughts.

What to think about instead so you can see more results.

These are three thoughts that I want you to adopt that will help you approach Instagram and marketing your business from a healthy place.

First, think about how you keep your current followers instead of always trying to get new followers. I want you to shift your mind from the obsession over getting new people to follow you over the obsession with seeing that follower number grow, to an obsession with keeping your current followers connected and engaged with you and your content.

I promise that the follower number will grow when your focus is on connecting with the people who are already there. I want you to consider putting your time and energy and effort to serving the people who have chosen to follow you already, instead of always trying to get new people. Listen, engaging outside of your account to grow a following is huge. Working on strategies like giveaways and, using engagement strategies to get more followers is important. However, your engagement isn't going to increase just because your follower count does.

Second, recognize that Instagram and how your’re marketing is data and that's it. It's all just data. It doesn't have anything to do with you, your personal self worth as a human being, whether or not you're worthy of success in your business, whether or not you are a good person, or you're attractive, or you're able to connect with people easily. It has nothing to do with any of that.

It is all just information - follows and unfollows, likes, and comments. It's just information. That's it. And when you approach it from that perspective, you finally understand that what happens on Instagram has no effect on you as a human being. Your worth, your presence on this planet is not connected to likes and followers and comments on an APP, on your phone, in your pocket. Everything is data. And what does that mean? That means that everything is improvable.

We can look at every piece of data when it comes to Instagram and say, “Oh cool, I lost a lot of followers last month. I wonder what I could do differently, so that doesn't happen this next month.” And we approach everything from that perspective and try to figure out what's going on, remembering that we're not a victim to Instagram and Instagram isn't out to get us.

Third, think about why you do what you do, and how it serves your customers or clients. A way to help you think about this is to ask yourself, “When was the moment you knew that the thing you do right now, was the thing that you always wanted to do?”

I’ve had people who I've asked that question to in my free Instagram masterclass, email in and say they thought they knew what they were selling and why. But when I asked them that question, they realized that they never had that “Aha” moment, and that they actually don't believe in what they’re selling or doing.

If you don't have that belief, as I said earlier,  it's never going to click. If you don't have that belief, you're going to spin your wheels and waste your time and burn yourself out trying to make it work. So get crystal clear on your why. What is the mission? What is the purpose? What is the value?

When you have belief in your business, the mission will be extremely clear.

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Tyler McCall