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Turn Your Instagram Followers into Customers Using Instagram Stories 

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Learn how to confidently create Instagram Stories.

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It's time to stop guessing how to use Instagram stories
(or just avoiding it all together)


I know how you feel.

You FINALLY figured out what to post on Instagram and when to post it. You’re taking photos you’re pretty proud of, using some of the right hashtags, and maybe, just maybe, you've gotten a gig or two thanks to all of your hard work.

But, you’re still not seeing the results you’d like to see for alllll of the hardwork you’re putting into Instagram.

Then, Instagram Stories showed up. What’re you supposed to do with this Snapchat ripoff? How’s it going to help your business? Who has all of this time to be on Instagram anyway? Maybe you’re even saying, “WTF? Now I’m supposed to be making videos, too? Does that mean I have to wash my hair?!”

Putting yourself out there is scary, I get it!

And adding “Make an Instagram Story” to your ever-growing to do list isn’t a huge priority. I totally understand.

But, what if I told you that you are missing out on the best engagement you can find on Instagram because you’re avoiding Instagram Stories? That you could be adding dozens of names to your email list every month? That Instagram Stories will help you turn your followers in raving fans?


What if I told you that Instagram stories is the key to unlocking success for your business on Instagram?


You, yes YOU, can confidently use Instagram Stories to grow your business.


It’s time to start using Instagram Stories to turn your followers into customers. You can learn the skills you need to create content with confidence and ease, put yourself on camera without fear, and use Instagram Stories to take your business to the next level.

You deserve to have people listen when you speak.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from using Instagram Stories almost every day for the past six months and now I'm making it available to you, all in a self guided online program.

I'm sharing my exact system for Instagram Stories success.

By using these tactics, I booked over a dozen clients in just three days for $200 hourlong coaching calls, tripled my list in six months - growing it from 400 to 800 people in just one week, and created a three-month waiting list for my services. Let me teach you how.

instagram stories ecourse

brings you My complete step-by-step process for creating instagram stories that convert... addition to covering the basics of getting started and how to use Instagram Stories to create content with purpose and intention.


Here's everything included in the program


lifetime access to
7  self-paced TRAINING modules

eACH ModulE includeS

Training and Tutorial Videos
I've put together over 20 video trainings and tutorials for this program. The videos introduce each topic and walk you through my entire Instagram Stories system. I'm also sharing video tutorials that detail every technical component of Instagram Stories.

PDF Workbooks and Worksheets
With over 75 pages of content, these downloadable workbooks and worksheets guide you through each module with activities and assignments. You’ll also receive all of the templates, guides, and worksheets you need to complete the program.


Module Four bonus

Step-by-Step Storytelling Template (a $97 value)
Get the exact template I created for creating content on Instagram Stories that works for your business. All you have to do is follow long and add in your content to start creating Stories that convert.

Master List of Engaging Instagram Story Ideas (a $47 value)
Don't try to reinvent the wheel! Tested, tried, and true - this master list contains dozens of different types of Instagram Stories that have proven successful for me and my clients.


Module Six bonus

My Guide for Telling Five Highly-Converting Stories (a $97 value)
You'll get the tried and true outlines AND sample storyboards I've created for sharing five of my most highly-converting stories that turned my followers into raving fans. Just fill in the blanks and you'll have what you need to create your first story...

  • Hosting a Q&A
  • Introducing an Opt In
  • Hosting a Giveaway
  • Taking Your Followers Behind the Scenes
  • Sharing Live Updates from a Special Event

AND, I've put together an
amazing bonus just for you



Weekly group
for 7 weeks


Private Facebook Community


Our WEEKLY GROUP COACHING AND TRAINING WEBINARS (an $875 value) are already on my calendar for 2pm ET/11am PT, each Wednesday from April 19 until May 31. I'll be live, giving you the extra help you need as you work through the course curriculum. I'll talk through each topic, week-by-week, answering your questions and giving you feedback on your content. Can't make it on Wednesdays at 2pm? Don't worry - share your question ahead of time and I'll answer it. You'll have access to unlimited replays of each webinar.


The exclusive PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY (a $297 value) isn't just a casual get together - it's a close group of entrepreneurs who are focused on using Instagram Stories with intention. I'll be joining in the group to help you troubleshoot any tech issues as they come up, offer feedback on your content strategy, help crowdsource those decisions around your brand and voice online, and support you as you start using Instagram Stories.


how to use Instagram live 

This special bonus module will guide you through the tech side of Instagram Live, help you plan your live video content, and give you the confidence you need to start going live on a regular basis. We'll talk about creating a regular live show, deciding what belongs on live and what belongs on your stories, and how to create a live video that keeps your audience engaged and connected ($197 value).


Start using

to grow your business


Hey, I'm Tyler

And I get it: marketing your business online is HARD! Between tweets and Snaps, funnels and workflows, lists and lead magnets, figuring out what you need to do online can be overwhelming AF (that’s 'as f*ck' if you’re not up on the latest lingo). 

But, I believe it doesn’t have to be this hard! And I believe Instagram can be a one-stop online marketing shop for a lot of folks. 

I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs make sense of Instagram and they’ve experienced amazing results - things like booking new clients, being featured by major brands, selling more products, and reaching new levels of growth in their revenue (hello six figures). 

And, since it’s launch, I’ve used Instagram Stories with intention to create a deeper, more meaningful relationship with my followers - doubling my mailing list TWICE, building an online community of over 1,000 entrepreneurs in just three weeks, tripling my monthly income, and creating a three-month waiting list for my services.


I believe you deserve the same IN YOUR BUSINESS.
let's make some magic happen!


You're ready to use instagram stories to grow your business if...

You have a product or service to sell. If you’re not exactly sure what you’re selling, now’s not the right time for this course.

You’re using Instagram on a regular basis and understand the basics. You don’t have to be a tech genius or Instagram model; but, this isn’t for you if you’re just getting started on Instagram.

Your business is ready for growth. The strategies we discuss are designed to move your Instagram followers from casually connected to raving fan - the goal is to get them to hire you or buy your products.


You understand Instagram Stories is NOT a tool for growing your following. Instagram Stories aren’t (necessarily) going to make you famous - their purpose is to make the relationship you have with your followers even more meaningful.

You think it’s time you tackle your fears of being on camera. If you’re the type of person who says, “No! NEVER!” when someone asks you if you plan on using video in your business, think twice before signing up.


I’m an avid Instagram user, but before working with Tyler, I was unsure how I could integrate Instagram Stories into my marketing strategy in a way that felt authentic to me. Tyler helped me better understand how to use Instagram Stories in a natural and intentional way - one that fits in seamlessly with my brand. As a traveling entrepreneur, I don’t always have control of my surroundings (I can’t take a perfect flat lay while in the airport or trying to grab an Uber to my Airbnb). But, I learned how to work with my surroundings and easily create Instagram Stories that work for me and my brand. Tyler is knowledgeable and he showcases his skills in a way that invites you in and encourages you to learn more.
— Dannie Fountain , Marketing and PR Strategist for Creative Entrepreneurs
Tyler has set the tone for how to use Instagram Stories to build your email list. He’s direct about what you need to do while keeping in mind that everyone is different. He approaches teaching for different needs and experience levels. His courses are rich with actionable content and communicated in a way that is clearly understood. Tyler is truly an expert in his field and a killer communicator - I am better for having worked with him.
— Sarajane Case, Business Coach
Before working with Tyler, I had no idea what I was doing and no real direction on Instagram. He taught me that I can have purpose with what I want to say and that the number of followers I have is not the answer. He helped me realized that engaged followers is what really matters. Tyler is extremely approachable...he’s able to break down something that seems so complex and make it easy to digest.
— Rocky Garza, Speaker

what are you waiting for?


Confidently use

to convert your followers
to customers!


Registration CLOSES and Class STARTS
on Monday, April 17


I get it: time is important to you, you kickass entrepreneur, you. That’s why this course is totally self-paced. You can spend a week on each module (that’s what I suggest) or work through it all over an extra long weekend (PJs are totally dress code compliant) - it’s up to you.

Whether you take on the program one piece at a time or crush it all in just a few days, I’ll be here to support you with LIVE group coaching and training videos during the first seven weeks of the course. I'm not gonna leave you out to dry - I'll be here to help you along as you start creating Instagram Stories that convert!

You’ll also have lifetime access to the program - and that includes any updates to the curriculum down the road as Instagram Stories change!


What if I don’t have anything to say on Instagram Stories? I’m really not that interesting.

“BOLOGNE!” (say that in your best Judge Judy voice). You definitely have something worth sharing, I promise you. You have experiences to pull from including your time running your business, your own entrepreneurial journey, and the knowledge you’ve gained from being in your industry. You just need help making sense of it all and putting it into a story that’s easy to tell - that’s what we’re gonna do!

I’ve never done video before - where do I start?

You’re in the right place, my friend - this course is perfect for you! You’ll be a pro at putting your face and voice on camera by the time you are completed with this course.

I can’t possibly add another thing to my to do list, are Instagram Stories really that important?

Honestly, they are. Instagram is changing. And, if you don’t start using Instagram Stories now, you could lose out on taking your business to the next level. In the six months since it launch, over half of people who use Instagram every day are using Instagram Stories and engagement on Instagram Stories is the best of any feature of the whole platform. I am not about giving you more work - that’s the last thing I want to do! I’m about sharing the tools you need to work smarter by creating easy to manage systems for your presence online. I believe you can create a system for Instagram Stories so you can create meaningful and engaging content in less than five minutes a day - doesn’t that sound nice?

I'm not really using Instagram in my business right now. Is this course right for me?

Actually, I suggest you start using Instagram before you take this course. See, the thing is, this course will teach you how to leverage the audience you have already created on Instagram. We're not really going to cover how to build an audience on Instagram since using Instagram Stories is all about connecting with the followers you already have.

I’m stretched thin as it is, how much time is this going to take?

Whew, I hear you! You’re already trying to take over the world each day and now you’re supposed to take over Instagram Stories, too?! You can tackle each Module is less than two hours. Each Module includes a short introduction video and a lesson that is no more than 30 minutes long. Pair that with the workbook and other guides and templates and you’ll need an hour or two each week. You’ll just have to replace your binge-watching of Grey’s Anatomy or Scandal (or anything Shonda Rhimes, really) for a few weeks - if I can do it, you can too!


My promise to you

I’m committed to your success.
That’s why I offer a 21-day money-back guarantee.


If you’re not able to confidently create Instagram Stories after completing all of the curriculum in this program, going through each module, finishing all of the assignments, participating in the private Facebook community, tracking your progress, and showing up for the live Q&As, I’ll refund your money.  See the full refund policy for details.


Take your business to
the next level with


sign up for
and you'll GET...

  • Training in my tested and proven system for creating Instagram Stories that convert.
  • Seven modules packed with videos, PDF workbooks, and downloadable guides that walk you through the tech side of Instagram Stories, crafting your voice online, creating content that converts, defining your unique brand position, telling purposeful stories, deciding what to share, using Instagram Stories to sell, and much, much more.
  • 20+ training videos and tutorials that describe the system in its entirety.
  • 75+ pages of educational workbooks that walk you through each module and give you my entire Instagram Stories system step-by-step.
  • *BONUS*  LIVE group coaching and training calls for 7 weeks for extra support and Q&A as you work through the program
  • *BONUS*  A Private Facebook Group where you can get the support you need to succeed and connect with other entrepreneurs who are working to use Instagram Stories with intention.
  • *BONUS*  Guide for Telling Five High-Converting Stories
  • *BONUS*  Step-by-Step Storytelling Template
  • *BONUS*  My Master File of Instagram Story Topics and Ideas

That's over $1,200 in bonuses!


this offer won't last long...


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