What if you KNEW how to market your
creative biz on Instagram and Facebook?

What if you knew, like REALLY KNEW, how to find your dream clients online, get them to follow you on Instagram or Facebook, and turn those followers into raving fans who sign up for your email list, buy your products, book your services, and tell the world how much they love you?

How AMAZING would it feel STOP spending
your time guessing how to market yourself online? 

Seriously, think about how you would feel.

That means no more...  

  • trial-and-erroring your way through marketing your business.
  • half-assing it because you don’t reallllly know what you’re doing.
  • falling behind on the latest Instagram or Facebook updates or strategies.

You could finally...

  • spend more time doing what you love doing - creating.
  • stay up-to-date on the best social media platforms for marketing your business online.
  • have the education, support, and resources you need at your fingertips to market your creative business online.

You need a place to learn how to kick ass
at marketing your creative biz online

You need the

FTFS Header.png

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The Follower to Fan Society is the place to be for the education, resources, and support you need to
market your creative business online.

The Follower to Fan Society is a membership site and online community that...

  • walks you through a fool-proof system for finding your ideal customers online and turning them into fans.
  • gives you monthly content plans and editorial calendars so you can stop guessing what to post online.
  • features live trainings, Instagram comment pods, Instagram boost days, monthly hot seats, and more. 
  • includes a community focused on marketing creative businesses online in a genuine and intentional way.
  • ensures you're on top of the latest social media changes and updates with fresh content and new trainings.
  • teaches you how to market your creative business using Instagram, Facebook, live video, and more.

the doors are opening this september