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Your audience knows Instagram is the name of the game, but you probably feel like a lost little puppy trying to explain the best strategies and the next great tools. You need an experienced speaker for your next event who can come in and relieve that all of that Instagram pressure - someone flexible, educational, but most of all, entertaining.

I'm excited to be someone you're considering! This page gives you alllll of the information you'll need as you're working through planning your event and selecting speakers. At the bottom you'll find a quick and easy form for taking this relationship to the next level.

WHO's this tyler guy?

Hey y'all! Here's the thing, Instagram is where it's at and I've spent the past two years learning everything there is to know about the platform. Now it's my job to share that with you! I carefully crafted my business acumen as a freelance social media content creator and manager, Marketing Manager and District Member Engagement Director for the YMCA and a community and political organizer. Now, I use those skills to help my clients and students get their Instagram house in order.

Today, I teach entrepreneurs how to use Instagram with intention and the keys to marketing online with values and purpose. I help my students discover how to share the benefits of working with them, not just the features in their toolbox.  

I'm also a nacho aficionado (because hello guac and cheesy goodness). Target is my favorite place in the world and Ben & Jerry's is ALWAYS in my grocery cart. And, if you're looking for me on a Saturday, your best bet is to wander down that Target Dollar Spot aisle. Road trips are my favorite kind of heaven - there's nothing better than a long drive, the perfect playlist, and my main squeeze Eric

Okay, okay...nachos aren't what you came here for. Let's get to the good stuff -- trust me when I say I know what's up in the Instagram world. I've taught numerous successful courses and workshops on using Instagram to convert your followers to customers, spoken at multiple events on the importance of a well-crafted Instagram strategy, and have been featured on blogs and podcasts all about using Instagram with intention. 

+ Education

B.S. Psychology (concentration in Non-Profit Management) from Gardner-Webb University, Boiling Springs, NC

+ Professional Experience

Instagram Marketing Expert at Tyler J. McCall (hey, that's me) in 2016 + 2017

Co-Founder/Head Visionary at Persona Creative in 2016

Marketing + Communications Manager at the YMCA of Western NC in 2015

District Member Engagement Director at the YMCA of Western NC in 2014 + 2015

Member Engagement Manager at the YMCA of Western NC in 2013 + 2014

Regional Field Organizer at the Coalition to Protect NC Families in 2012

Co-Founder/Director at Neighbors for Equality in 2011 + 2012


I get it, you're planning this conference or super special event and you're getting pulled in a thousand different directions. Finding quality speakers shouldn't be something else you have to add to your to do list! It's my goal to provide an enjoyable experience for your audience AND for you. 

Here is what you can expect when we work together:

  • A Great Presentation Experience: My first priority is delivering content that is easy to understand and entertaining, but most of all - actionable. I assign homework and give next steps to students during our time together and I provide ways for your conference attendees to stay connected for ongoing support.
  • A Great Pre & Post Experience Too:  Planning an event can be stressful and involves a lot of moving parts. It's my goal to make coordinating presentations and selling tickets as simple as possible before your event. I'm also always happy to follow up with you post-event to aid where possible in post-conference promotion.
  • A Network You Can Tap Into: Want your event's name in lights (well...metaphorically speaking)? I'm more than happy to chip in by promoting your event to my audience - think Instagram posts, Facebook Group conversations, emails - all that fun stuff! Hello expanded reach and more attendees!

signature presentations

The following presentations are available for 2017 + 2018 speaking engagements.

+ What You're Sellin’ Doesn't Make You Special

It's time to get to the heart of your business and why you do what you do. And then, talk about it on Instagram. You see, what you're selling isn't what makes you special. It's the who and why behind your business that helps you really stand out.

+ A Spoonful of Systems Helps Instagram Run Easy

Put an end to "oh shit!" posting and guessing what you're doing on Instagram once and for all. We'll talk through creating an easy to manage system for your Instagram content including content planning, editorial calendars, content scheduling, and much more. This doesn't have to be overwhelming, I promise!

+ Instagram Storyselling

Pitching your products or services is soooo 2016. Nowadays, storytelling is at the core of powerful marketing strategies. We'll chat about refining your brand story and using Instagram to tell it to the world. And yeah, we're gonna talk about Instagram Stories to -- because THAT is where the magic is REALLY happening on Instagram .


With a background in musical theater, a college experience filled with academic conference research presentations (oh yeah, I was that cool), and a professional career complete with media appearances, panel speaking engagements, employee training and coaching programs, and numerous video and in-person speaking engagements, I feel confident about getting in front of your audience to talk all things Instagram and intentional marketing.

You can trust me to deliver a unique and compelling presentation complete with real lessons and actionable takeaways your audience can use.

Here are a few places you can find me in the coming months and the spots I've been so far.

+ Upcoming Engagements

EmpoWEred Planners Conference (October 2017)

Get Swanky Experience (March 2018)

+ Past Engagements

Instagram Strategy Workshop - Engaged Asheville (June 2017) Instagram 101

Email Marketing Summit (June 2017) List Building with Social Media

The Queens Photography Workshop (May 2017) 6 Steps to a Kick-Ass Instagram Strategy

Amplified Media After Hours (April 2017) Instagram 101

McDowell County Marketing Masterminds (April 2017) Instagram 101

Instagram Summit (March 2017) The Power of Instagram Stories

Honeybook Webinar (February 2017) The Power of Instagram Stories

The IDCO Workshop (January 2017) 6 Steps to a Kick-Ass Instagram Strategy

Fall Break with Asheville Folk (September 2016) Instagram Deep Dive


I'd love to chat with you about your upcoming event - fill out the form below and we'll get the ball rolling!

here's my deets

Here are a few things you may need once we confirm my speaking engagement.


Tyler J. McCall is an Instagram and social media marketer, strategist, and coach for creatives. He teaches his students and clients how to use Instagram with intention to grow their community online, grow their list, and grow their business. Tyler focuses on using Instagram and social media to tell stories, build relationships, and convert followers to fans, drawing from his 10 years of experience in non-profit marketing and management and community organizing. He’s taught and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and managed dozens of Instagram accounts since getting into the online marketing game in 2015. Tyler is based in Chicago, where he lives with his partner Eric and their dog Douglass. When he’s not coaching or teaching or Instagram strategizing, Tyler enjoys Target runs and road trips…that he documents on his Instagram Stories.




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I'm excited to be an official brand ambassador and partner of Iconosquare. Iconosquare's support allows me to bring Instagram education to creative entrepreneurs like you. Iconosquare is my favorite Instagram analytics and monitoring tool -- it makes tracking your success, planning your content, and fostering meaningful conversations super easy.