Are you sitting at the end of yet another year, wondering why your business isn't where you wanted it to be by the end of 2017?

You need an easy-to-implement plan for marketing your business in 2018.

You can't let another year pass you by with nothing to show for all of the hard work you put into your business day in and day out. It's time for those days of no more new followers, no more new leads, and no more new sales to end. You deserve a clear plan for creating and sharing content online that leads to real results.

You need a process that helps you evaluate what worked in your marketing in 2017 AND where to go in 2018.

You're invited to join me for The Content Planning Workshop!

During this live virtual 2-hour workshop, I'll give you the skills, resources, and support you need to create a plan for marketing your business in 2018 that's designed to get you real results. I'll walk you through my complete process for reviewing your marketing strategy in 2017, defining your content strategy for 2018, laying out your annual editorial calendar, breaking your content plan into easy-to-manage pieces, and crafting a month's worth of content in under 60 minutes.

That means no more guess work, no more trial-and-erroring strategies from the dark corners of the internet, and no more "hoping this works" this time around.

You'll walk away from The Content Planning Workshop with...

  • An understanding of what worked and didn't work in marketing your business in 2017.
  • Measurable and achievable marketing goals for 2018.
  • Actionable advice and easy to implement steps for improving your marketing strategy.
  • A complete understanding of and plan for your primary content engine for marketing your business online. 
  • An understanding of where to take your social media marketing in the new year.
  • Annual, quarterly, and monthly marketing strategies for all of 2018.
  • A completed monthly content plan, shot list, and editorial calendar for January 2018.

And you can enjoy it ALL from the privacy of your own home - yoga pants, messy hair, and afternoon rosé are not only okay, they're encouraged!

Oh! And before you ask - nope, this isn't another online summit - this is two hours of focused learning and action to get your 2018 marketing strategy out of your head and onto paper so you can move into the new year with a clear direction for how you're marketing your business online!

As a participant in The Content Planning Workshop, you'll receive...

  • Access to the LIVE workshop on Wednesday, December 13 at 2pm EST.
  • A recording of the live workshop delivered to you via email immediately following the workshop.
  • A Content Planning Workbook to utilize during the live workshop.
  • A 2018 editorial calendar with key dates, events, and holidays.
  • Membership in the exclusive pop-up Facebook Group through January 31, 2018 for extra support.

Join me on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 13 from 2-4pm EST*

The cost of this one-day virtual workshop
for members of the Follower to Fan Society is only $39!


*Can't attend live? Don't worry! You'll get a recording of the workshop!

Registration is now CLOSED


Please note: no refunds are given for this workshop!

If you can't attend live, don't worry! You'll still have access to the workshop recording, all workshop materials, and the pop-up Facebook Group!